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PDF Transcripts Converted to Data

The National Student Clearinghouse and AstrumU have partnered to automate PDF transcript processing using the latest machine learning technology.

Boosting speed to admission

The admissions process is complicated and varied for every school and so much data is trapped into ‘digital paper’ transcripts as PDFs, whether for admissions, transfer credit or financial aid.
The National Student Clearinghouse has chosen to partner with AstrumU to bring the latest machine learning technology to help power a next generation solution to admit students faster and more efficiently.

Become part of the product launch

The PDF-to-Data Solution is currently in beta launch with select universities for their postsecondary transcripts received through the National Student Clearinghouse.
Reach out today to have your most important sending schools prioritized in the solution development process and maximize the value your school and students can glean from this exciting innovation.

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transcript conversion accuracy in preliminary testing

≤ 5 min

processing time per transcript

≥ 10

transcript instances required to onboard a new sender

A clearly outdated system

Nearly every transcript sent to or received from an institution is transferred in a different format.
The tools currently available to receiving institutions were not developed to process the variety of formats and other tools rely on outdated technology that can only extract alphanumeric characters.
As a result, significant and time-consuming manual configuration and intervention is required from admissions, registrar and enrollment management staff in order to process these PDF transcripts. This leaves anxious students in the lurch waiting to hear about their admissions decision and transfer credit evaluation.

resolved with a seamless solution

The National Student Clearinghouse and AstrumU have created a seamless solution. Moments after you receive the original PDF transcript, a PESC XML or TS130 EDI standard data file is delivered to your Clearinghouse account.
The patented machine learning algorithms behind the solution create high-performance models for each sender’s transcript type. Plus, the solution leverages the total library of models on your behalf.
The end results are data files that can be uploaded directly into your CRM and or SIS without any manual intervention.
No configuration or IT resources are required in order for customers to receive transcripts as standardized data files.


Becky Amos

Product Manager, Data Exchange

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Joel Balzer

General Manager, Higher Education

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