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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 10.1 million open jobs as of May 2023.*

Historically, we’ve relied on three, static pieces of paper to define an individual: a transcript, a resume and a job description. 

In order to begin filling the 10 million open positions, we must move from degree-based hiring to skills-based hiring.

Workforce training can close this skills gap and upskill individuals to in-demand positions—if skills based hiring can be enabled.

Using artificial intelligence and data science we can more fully quantify an individual’s learning and working experiences into a richer set of skills.
Example career pathway in the SkillSet app

Learn how we’re achieving this with partners from higher education, federal government, military and enterprise


an individual’s skills
artificial intelligence quantifies an individual’s learned skills and work experience


individual skills to job roles
machine learning from 162m+ learner profiles normalizes the data asymmetry between in-demand job roles


personalized career paths
technology harnessing 40m+ job descriptions for & 7m+ company profiles predicts career-based personalization