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Leveling the playing field

At AstrumU®, we are building a team of superbly capable individuals that share our core values, and are committed to building an enduring culture. Our open and collaborative environment allows our team to grow and thrive as individuals and collectively achieve our goals.

In today’s knowledge economy we still know precious little about why certain skills correlate to success in the workforce — leaving educators, employers, and learners operating in the dark.

Colleges have historically struggled to articulate how educational experiences and academic credentials translate into skills needed in the labor market. Employers have lacked transparency—and reciprocating data—to and from the education systems that they rely on for talent.

I founded AstrumU® to close this gap. Using trusted data, we’re identifying the most predictable pathways to take from education to high-impact enrollment. 

AstrumU® is on a mission to provide a predictive individual learning recommendation™ for every lifelong learner, so that themselves, educational providers, and employers can quantifiably invest in educational experiences. This will maximize outcomes while opening up opportunities for everyone via a level playing field. We continue to progress down this industry changing opportunity that will reshape the very foundation of how education and industry collaborate.”

Adam Wray, AstrumU


Adam Wray

Founder and CEO of AstrumU®