Engage prospective students with the 'two-click' try on

In just two clicks, prospective students see how your degree can impact their specific career goals

Students start by choosing a career goal and field of study and watch as their score populates—displaying the increased likelihood your MBA will help accomplish these goals.
From there, students can provide additional data to further personalize their prediction, unlocking top employment locations, compare salaries and explore alumni in similar careers.
ReadySet demo on laptop


goal-based personalization for students

ReadySet’s individual data models, from your curriculum, allow students to customize their desired career outcome


machine learning prediction

machine learning from 2.5 million+ learner records predicts and quantifies a success score


programs & career pathways

students provide work history and location preferences to increase the accuracy of their career predictions

Pepperdine Case Study

Maximize Your Marketing Budget

In a try-before-you-buy world, Pepperdine proves their ROI by allowing prospective MBA students to “try on” their potential career with the two-click try on.

Impact your enrollment funnel with ReadySet

Using ReadySet, our partner institutions were able to capture a return of $7 for every $1 invested. From prospects to enrollment, ReadySet not only fits into your existing strategy seamlessly, it makes an impact

Now you can see how ReadySet’s data will influence your marketing budget

Plus, augment and refine your alumni data with Alumni 360°
As an additional benefit of ReadySet, get detailed information about your alumni and their career pathways