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The transition from military to the civilian sector can be confusing—and tough to navigate

We can help.

AstrumU SkillSet™️ is a no-cost app that provides personalized recommendations based on your military skills and experiences


an individual’s skills
artificial intelligence quantifies an individual’s skills from learning and work experience


individual skills to job roles
machine learning from 162m+ learner profiles normalizes the data between in-demand job roles and a learners skillset


personalized career paths
technology harnessing 40m+ job descriptions & 7m+ company profiles informs personalized recommendations

Measure your experience

Transitioning Servicemembers possess a unique skillset that is often misunderstood or misaligned when applied to civilian job roles.

These skills need to be properly identified, assessed, and translated in order for Servicemembers to be successfully aligned to a civilian career and communicated to the hiring world.

Skillset analyzes in-demand jobs from employer partners and measures required skills so Soldiers can find the shortest path to success.

Thus, Servicemembers’ skills can be individually mapped to these roles with the shortest path to success.

By understanding which military skills translate to their job requirements, participating companies have the opportunity to interview and extend offers of employment to Soldiers before they leave active duty
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Your Transition Assistance Checklist

SkillSet allows Servicemembers can explore personalized education options, all aimed at closing individual skills gaps.

This process paves a stress-free and results-focused transition for soldiers.

Resources for transitioning Servicemembers

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