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March 14, 2023
SkillSet FAQs
March 14, 2023
SkillSet FAQs

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  • Who is AstrumU?
    • AstrumU is a data services company that translates learning and working experiences into verified skills. Our mission is to level the playing field by quantifying the return on e
    • ducational investments for learners, education providers and employers so everyone can access economic opportunity and reach their potential in the ‘Future of Work’.
  • What is SkillSet?
    • SkillSet is an automated skills gap analysis, career and learning recommendation tool for workforce development. Through AI/ML, SkillSet personalizes individual career pathways based on an individual’s existing skills and identified skills gap, to improve their likelihood of success.
  • Can I use SkillSet across all services?
    • At this time, we have only gathered data for the Army side of the JST. We are working towards translating additional branches in the future. You are still able to create an account, but recommendations will be limited to any course work or experiences within the Army identified on your JST.
  • Is SkillSet only for transitioning Servicemembers?
    • SkillSet is for any Army Servicemember who wants to better understand how their military experience translates to the civilian workforce. We encourage Active Duty, Transitioning, and even Veterans looking to learn more to learn more.


Data, Documents, & Recommendations

  • Why does SkillSet require my JST?
    • The JST is required for us to provide a recommendation because it captures both military experience and military education which allows us to understand your current skills and abilities.  We use this information to provide both career and learning recommendations.
  • Where can I find my JST?
    • Please visit where you can login by creating a JST account or through your CAC login credentials. Once logged in, select 'Download my JST' under 'My Transcript' and then download as a PDF. 
  • How does SkillSet generate recommendations?
    • We parse the JST for all relevant information which includes rank, MOS, military course number, titles, as well as others. Once this information has been captured we leverage our AL/ML models to understand the skills and abilities you possess through that series of experiences. We overlay your skills and abilities to that of in-demand roles to generate your alignment score.
  • What does my alignment score mean?
    • All career recommendations will include a matching score that could be Poor, Moderate, Good, Very Good, and Excellent. These scores are generated on how your experience overlaps with the skills and abilities required to perform the role.
  • My JST fails to upload on the first screen. Why is that happening?
    • Please make sure you are using a PDF version of the full document. If you are still facing issues please take a screenshot of the error message and send us a note to
  • No recommendations are showing up. What should I do?
    • Please try to remove your JST and reupload. If you still encounter trouble please reach out to us at
  • Where do the skills and abilities for the jobs come from?
    • Through historic government data and job postings we generate skills and abilities associated for each job role. 
  • Why do you ask me to upload other documents other than my JST?
    • In the future we will use documents like SRBs, NCOERs, and OERs to further personalize recommendations. If you have uploaded the documents in advance we will be able to use the information right away. We won’t update your recommendations without confirming with you first.