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March 10, 2023
Women directly impacting the work at AstrumU
March 10, 2023
Women directly impacting the work at AstrumU

As a startup, every employee at AstrumU plays a large part in the planning, strategy, creation and improvement of the organization. Especially the women. In honor of Women's History Month we're shining a light on the ways women have directly impacted the work at AstrumU:


I built the Data Science team from scratch to incorporate Modeling, Analytics and Data Engineering for the company.

/ Xiao Cai, Director of Data Science


I secured an important speaking opportunity that will increase visibility and engagement for the company.

/ Mollie Jahner, Director of Marketing


Behind the scenes, I am leading a passionate hybrid engineering team that fuels our platform and products working relentlessly to improve our development experiences for faster releases to our most recent introduction of career recommendations, in close collaboration with our Data Science team, for our Transitioning Servicemembers with SkillSet.

/ Binnur Al-Kazily, Director of Engineering


I’m one of the key members of our UI team who’s responsible for building our products and making them beautiful, highly performant, adaptive, and accessible.

/ Anna Grigoriev, Front-end Developer


I am leading three of the company’s largest projects. Keeping team members aligned on projects goals and vision while collaborating with our customers to ensure we are all driving towards success at the required speed.

/ Olivia Armstrong, Program Manager


I increased engagement by 13% over 30-days using HubSpot marketing automation and list segmentation.

/ Kara Rodriguez, Senior Marketing Associate


I’m covering any engineering questions during the US time: releases, hot fixes, data update, business questions.

/ Nadzeya Shedava, Senior Software Engineer


What's imposter syndrome, again? 😉