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January 16, 2023
Find Your Glidepath
January 16, 2023
Find Your Glidepath

The translation of military experience to something that is understood in the civilian sector is a challenge for many including employers hiring veterans to individual Servicemembers exploring what comes next. It can be difficult to communicate how years of service directly relate to a specific non-military career.

Due to this difficulty, most resources focus on one or two datapoints. Asking for your MOS and years of service, they try to find an average path with dozens of potential options. This is a good start, but it falls short of a personalized glidepath, often resulting in an overwhelming separation process.

These years of service shouldn’t be condensed into isolated points which can lead to a generic recommendation. It is essential to take a holistic view on that experience. Documents like the Joint Service Transcript (JST) or Soldier Record Brief (SRB) hold valuable insight on a Servicemember’s experience during their service.

In the JST alone AstrumU SkillSet can extract skills and abilities from courses taken, trainings attended, and roles served over the course of a Servicemember's military career. With these work and education experiences captured, personalized career recommendations are generated to measure how they align to careers. For those that may not be aligned with careers they are interested in today, we map skill gaps to provide personalized recommendations on how to close the skill gap to attain their desired career.

Those that have already signed up and shared their JST have been able to see how their skills were shaped through military experience and even provide feedback on the future of the SkillSet!

One of those Servicemembers was able to see how their 15+ years of service prepared them across over 100 different roles and even how they were strongly aligned to roles as a Management Analyst or Project Manager. The clarity provided by AstrumU SkillSet can make the whole process less stressful and, as a bonus, help provide an easy way to translate how years of service relate to careers outside the military.

Where we offer insight from the JST today, later this year we will also provide additional analysis of the SRB. Here we can expand to include additional information around civilian degrees, awards received, and even deployment history. All of this information is valuable in providing a truly personalized experience.

// Michael Glazer, Product Manager

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