Addressing mission critical occupations

with education and training recommendations for internal mobility

More than most, the government has long understood the value of Servicemembers transitioning into government roles.

However, the struggle lies in understanding which civilian job roles best align with the skills of those leaving the service.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, AstrumU SkillSet maps individuals to specific job roles based on their prior experience.

The AI/ML works beyond education to include broader military experience, deployment history, and awards.

All of this experience can be measured and mapped to critical job roles across government agencies.

SkillSet product image of pathway on ipad

Outcomes & Evidence-Based DEI Strategy

We believe in serving our community.

We use our data to do just that.

Blunt-force application filters have the most massive impact on the underrepresented and underserved populations.

A lack of education doesn’t –and shouldn’t– automatically disqualify an individual from a successful career.

Through verified work records our patented technology measures the skills of an individual, maps potential skill gaps, then recommends careers or upskilling opportunities.


an individual’s skills
artificial intelligence quantifies an individual’s skills from learning and work experience


individual skills to job roles
machine learning from 162m+ learner profiles normalizes the data between in-demand job roles and a learners skillset


personalized career paths
technology hardnessing 40m+ job descriptions and 7m+ company profiles informs personalized recommendations

“The only way to ensure industry and workforce skills overlap is to assess employees current skills, map the required skills and build a training and development program that closes the gaps

— Heath Anderson, ROAM FEDERAL
whitepaper: measuring 'distance traveled' for workforce development

Talent intelligence: Translating skills and experiences for a 21st century workforce

The AstrumU AI Translation Engine (AITE) first ingests verified employment and educationa records. Next, the AITE begins to understand the individual’s skills and recommends a personalized pathway to career success.